Foshan TONGHENG Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd.
Производитель товаров по индивидуальному заказу
Основные продукты:Шкаф-Проставка, шкаф-Отпариватель, шкаф-витрина теплее, зал для ферментации, промышленный туннельный отпариватель с управлением ПЛК
Место в рейтинге 1 быстрое время отклика в СтерилизаторTotal floorspace (3,753㎡)Patents awarded (19)Years in industry(18)R&D capabilities


TONGHENG self-developed & manufactured products include: large industrial fermentation room, steaming room, disinfection room, proofer cabinet, bun steamer, display warmer, industry steamer cabinet for steamed food, slow cook and pasteurization.


We also providing customers with catering equipment OEM/ODM services and commercial kitchens/ food factory new installation, renovation works, with one-stop services from project planning, design, manufacture, installation, equipment testing and technical training.